Spectrtex ALC welcomes You!

Our company: Spectrtex ALC is one of the leading textile companies in Belarus and CIS countries. The main line of activity is production of the home textile goods with new modern equipment.

The main goal of Spectrtex ALC is forming and satisfaction of various needs and wants of consumers in high-quality, fine and excellent home textile, and at the same time to know all the answers for market changes. Innovations, quality, variety distinguishing features of Spectrtex ALC. Initial capacity of Spectrtex ALC production is about 30-50 ton of terry goods a month. The main trade mark of home textile goods produced by Spectrtex ALC is Privilea (Privilege).

Our equipment: To provide excellent quality of the home textile goods and meet various needs of our customers Spectrtex ALC has invested in modern efficient equipment from leading textile producers, among them:

  1. Jacquard machines of the firm STAUBLI, type DX 100,
  2. Tying-in machine, type TPM 201,
  3. Looms of the firm Sultex AG, type G 6500,
  4. Warping machine of the firm Benninger AG, type Ben-Tronic-2600,
  5. Different accessories and trolleys from leading European factories.

Our raw materials: To be number one in the textile market Spectrtex ALC uses raw materials of high quality from leading and reliable yarn produces in India, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The Company can use both dyed and raw yarn. The main technological stuff is: carded yarn for weaving Ne 24/1 and 12/1,  soft and warp carded yarn for weaving Ne 24/2, linean yarn.

Our design program: To be very mobile and quickly change the design of the towels Spectrtex ALC works with EAT program, so to change the pictures it needs only a few time.

Our personnel: The main asset of the Company is the highly qualified personnel with big length of service in textile production. The staff had a training course in Switzerland (Sultex AG), also trainers from Staubli, Benninger, Sultex and EAT have been to the factory to make the setting up of the equipment and intense training of the staff.

Our location: Spectrtex ALC is situated in Minsk (Belarus), in the centre of Europe, on the main trade crossroads between Europe and Asia, North and South and it does not take too much time to supply the goods into different parts of the European continent, and as a result, the transport costs are also low.

We offer You to make long term cooperation with our Company both by the placement of individual orders in our factory and by the trade with finished articles. The quality is top-level, the prices are competitive, and the possibilities are great (the height of terry loop, jacquard, ect.)! We invite You to visit our factory in Minsk, to see the equipment, the finished goods, the personal and, of course, to negotiate about the cooperation conditions.

We hope that our cooperation will be profitable for both of our Companies!
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